Corporate profile

AGP Swiss Services Budapest provides the following range of services:
  • Personal integrity and reliability
  • Swiss-Hungarian background
  • One-stop resource for management support
  • B2B bridge building
  • Business networking and matchmaking
  • Executive search
  • Support of Controlling/Corporate Governance
  • Local Support and Consulting in Budapest/Hungary
  • Strategic Business and Marketing Communication
  • Corporate Communication
  • Strategic Communication Planning, Concept Development and Success Control
  • B2B- and Partnership Communications
  • Public Relations and Public Affairs
  • Lobbying
  • Cross-border Communications
  • In-house communication - Intercultural communication consulting
  • In-house training and teambuilding - Corporate identity & corporate governance

The fact that, over the years, more than fifty percent of AGP Swiss Services Budapest´s business is repeat business from existing clients reflects the agency’s success in providing the best possible services and advice, business solutions and services in the rapidly changing communication marketplace in Central and Eastern Europe. The ever increasing need to optimize and maximize business opportunities requires us to bring together the professional expertise of our consultancy to develop unique, confidential, and individually tailored solutions. This in-house ability, backed by the group´s resources to develop business and communication solutions, provides our clients and partners with a complete solution to satisfy their business and communication objectives.

AGP Swiss Services Budapest traces back its origins over 25 years to private consultancy and communication activities operating from Zürich, Switzerland. In its very early days – towards the close of the last century – its founder Aron G. Papp gave political and social support to the young democratic movements in Central and Eastern Europe, primarily in Hungary and Romania.
After the fall of the iron curtain in these countries, when he lived in Munich/Germany, Aron G. Papp continued his career as a successful financial journalist and a well-known business and communication consultant in Switzerland.
Operating with an international background, Aron G. Papp provided various services, mainly for Western European public companies and international organizations operating in the new Eastern markets.
In these early days, the philosophy of AGP Swiss Services Budapest was born: to provide a broad range of services and to act as a BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER.