About us
In a world that is increasingly interconnected, the success of organizations and their people depends on effective networking and cross-cultural communication. At AGP Swiss Services Budapest, we help our local, swiss and international clients adopt a truly global perspective in order to work effectively in our region across cultures. Program participants acquire cross-cultural knowledge, build intercultural expertise, and develop global capabilities in order to maximize value and minimize the risks associated with being involved in an international activity.
Through carefully tailored contact brokerage and b2-b networking, we help companies address the needs of their management and people in the areas of business matchmaking, corporate governance and reputation management. AGP Swiss Services Budapest helps its clients to improve long-term competitive advantages, growth and profitability by developing operating business and communication guidelines and supporting them to establish direct business contacts or reengineer local internal communication structures and systems.

Internationalization of the workforce
Almost every aspect of b2b networking and communication in international business is influenced by culture from contract negotiation, personnel recruitment, training and development, marketing and sales, to project management, teamwork, customer service and operating guidelines. International projects require considerable investment. Abandoning a project costs an organization time, money and opportunity.
As one of Central Europe's leading cross-cultural consulting institutions, our innovative methods help organizations cultivate a work environment that values diversity, enabling them to build high-performance international and multicultural teams.
Applying our skills in b2b and intercultural business communication, we facilitate the learning and teaching process. Throughout seminars and management hearings, we impart information and coach participants, enabling them to overcome barriers to effective communication.